The concert grand zouk du monde

In a few days, one of the biggest musical and dancing events of Martinique will take place. Discover the details of the event, ‘Le Grand Zouk du Monde’, and find out where to rent a car ...

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Hervé beuze exhibit at the fondation clément

After Sébastien Mehal (among others), the artist Hervé Beuze invested the Fondation Clément, in François, Martinique. Discover more details about this event and consider ...

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Baking class for children in martinique

If you do not know how to occupy your children during your stay in Martinique, we have an idea for you: the cooking classes or baking classes. Discover for example this class for children dedicated ...

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Mad'electrikrun 2016

After Guadeloupe, the Electrikrun race lands in Martinique. Discover the details of Mad' electrikrun 2016 - this race in music and in lights, organized in Marin city. Also consider renting a ...

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The show des rêves dans le sable

As the holiday season approaches, we want to go out with the children and create some magical moments. We want to go and discover new original art: the illustration of history in sand. Rent a car ...

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Christmas party with les troubadours at ti sable

Christmas eve is coming, along with the "chanter Noël" - those traditional Caribbean festivities that take place during the weeks before Christmas. The restaurant and bar Ti Sable ...

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Le marin biac 2015

For the third year in a row, Martinique will hold its own Biennale Internationale d’Art Contemporain (BIAC). Rent a car and discover the program of the BIAC 2015, in Le Marin. Caribbean ...

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A concert supporting the fight against breast cancer

For the third year in a row, the month of pink October will also be marked by a major charity concert : Mizik sé foss. Learn more about this concert, organized to benefit the fight against ...

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Cooking class about the rum baba

L’Atelier Saveurs Pays regularly offers cooking classes that will allow you to discover new Martinique recipes. In a few days, l’Atelier will also offer a class on how to prepare caribbean ...

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Concert of kaf-kons’ at ti sable

A real musical and entertainment phenomenon in Martinique is offered by the group Kaf-Kons. To discover them, dance to the rhythm of the local songs, and have fun in an exciting atmosphere, let’s ...

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Zwel bawoudè races

The Tchimbé Raid club offers two unique races: the Zwel Bawoudè day, at the National Reserve of Caravelle. Find out more details on the event and where to rent a car to get there. ...

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Make music day 2015 at la ferme de perrine

Make Music Day is approaching and events abound. This year, for example, we go to La Ferme Perrine in Lamentin, where a day/night of music is planned. Discover more details about the event and where ...

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Festival of haute-taille and quadrilles of the world 2015

For the seventh consecutive year, the Festival of Haute-Taille and Quadrilles of the world returns. Explore the Martinican heritage by going to this event and consider renting a car to make your ...

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Cooking class all chocolate

The workshop Médélices offers fun and educational cooking lessons. In a few days, the workshop will organize a session “All Chocolate”. Discover the details of the event ...

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Exhibition dé-construction of sébastien mehal

After Abel Barroso’s Une île à l’étranger , the art center of Habitation Clément presents the exhibition “ Dé-construction ” (Un-building) ...

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Tchimbé raid 2015

In a few days, there will be held the 18th edition of Tchimbé Raid*, an “ultra marathon” in the heart of Martinique’s nature. Find out the details of the event and where ...

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The opera-ballet l’amant anonyme

In a few days, several performances of the opera-ballet L’Amant Anonyme (The Anonymous Lover) will be given in Martinique. Discover the details of this cultural event and where to rent a car ...

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Tanya st-val in concert

In a few days, zouk singer Tanya St-Val will give an exceptional concert. Find out more details of this event and where to rent a car to get there. After being a backup singer and touring ...

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Kizomba evening at "the edge of the world"

Want to discover a sensual and exotic dance? The bar/restaurant Au Bout Du Monde (« The Edge of the World » in french) organizes a kizomba evening every Thursday. Discover ...

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Dillon trade show 2015

In less than a month, the 25th edition of the martinican Trade Show will be held. Discover the details of the fair and where to rent a car to go to the event. More than a simple commercial ...

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The exhibition an island abroad

With the exhibition « Une île à l'étranger » (« An island abroad ») by Abel Barroso, Clément Foundation offers a new window ...

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