Kizomba Evening at "The Edge of the World"

Want to discover a sensual and exotic dance? The bar/restaurant Au Bout Du Monde (« The Edge of the World » in french) organizes a kizomba evening every Thursday. Discover more details on this event and where to rent a car to get there.

From Angola, kizomba is a sensual dance, close to « zouk » – one of the traditional dances in the French West Indies. Kizomba is a couples dance, based on languid movements (although sometimes elaborate) of the lower body. To learn this dance, it is better to take a few lessons, and why not in a festive atmosphere.

The bar/grill/restaurant Au Bout Du Monde offers kizomba evenings every Thursday, from 7pm to 11pm. This event – called Tendance Kiz’ – starts with a free introduction class to kizomba (from 7pm to 8pm). The dance floor is then free for those who want to dance but you can also continue the evening with a cocktail and/or enjoy a lobster risotto, one of the delicious dishes in the menu of Au Bout Du Monde.

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Kizomba evening at Au Bout Du Monde restaurant
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Practical informations

The bar/restaurant Au Bout du Monde is located in Ducos city, on the road Chemin Rivière La Manche, to the right after Génipa bridge (in the direction Rivière-Salée > Fort-de-France).