Concert of Kaf-Kons’ at Ti Sable

A real musical and entertainment phenomenon in Martinique is offered by the group Kaf-Kons. To discover them, dance to the rhythm of the local songs, and have fun in an exciting atmosphere, let’s meet up at Ti Sable in a few days.

In Martinique, the music, the dance and the party are important parts of the culture. That is why dances and concerts are very common on the island. A local group such as Kaf-Kons is moreover known for its shows (public or private) where they perform local, Caribbean songs but also pop international music.

Kaf-Kons' regularly boast having a full house and they appear to create an atmosphere of madness. To party during your stay in Martinique, we recommend you to attend one of their shows for example, at Ti Sable, on September 20th of this year.

Every Sunday evening, Ti Sable organizes concerts known as " feet in the water " because this restaurant-bar is directly on the beach of Grande Anse, in the Anses d’Arlet. They offer free entry and concerts take place from 7:30 pm till 10 pm. If you feel like having dinner too, call 0596 68 62 44 to make a reservation.

A little advice from RentaCar Martinique : rent a luxury car to get to the concert of Kaf-Kons ' at Ti Sable, and enhance your enjoyment of Martinique.

Concert of Kaf-Kons'
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Practical information

The group Kaf-Kons ' will give a concert in the restaurant-bar Ti Sable on Sunday, September 20th 2015 from 7:30 pm till 10 pm. The entrance is free and you can easily get there by car.