The opera-ballet L’Amant Anonyme

In a few days, several performances of the opera-ballet L’Amant Anonyme (The Anonymous Lover) will be given in Martinique. Discover the details of this cultural event and where to rent a car to get there.

Guadeloupean Joseph Bologne de Saint-George – also called Chevalier de Saint-George – was a swordsman and a musician of the eighteenth century. Among his written works, there is L’Amant Anonyme: an opera-ballet that will soon be played in Martinique. Saturday, April 11th at 7.30pm, the event will take place in the ruins of the theater of Saint-Pierre. It will then be held at the Atrium of Fort-de-France, on 16th and 17th of April at 8pm.

L’Amant Anonyme will be performed by artists from all around the world including the conductor Peter Valentovic, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bratislava, Bratislava String Quartet, the dancers of Gloria Todeschini and Romina Kolodziej, and the singers Magali Léger, Nicola Pisaniello, Aude Priya, Philippe Do… but also the Martinique Choir of St. Therese.

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Joseph Bologne de Saint-George
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Practical informations

L'Amant Anonyme will be played in the ruins of the theater of Saint-Pierre on Saturday, April 11th and at the Atrium of Fort-de-France, on 16th and 17th of April. Consider renting a car to go there and visit Martinique.