Cooking class All Chocolate

The workshop Médélices offers fun and educational cooking lessons. In a few days, the workshop will organize a session “All Chocolate”. Discover the details of the event and where to rent a car to get there.

What if instead of buying a simple box of chocolates for Mother’s Day, we prepared a delicious meal for the occasion? Located in Saint-Joseph (near Fort-de-France), the workshop Médélices organizes a cooking lesson “Tout Chocolat” (in English, All Chocolate) on Saturday the 16th of May, from 10am till noon.

During this session, you will learn to cook a full chocolate menu, from appetizer to dessert. Guided by Chef Jean-Charles Bredas (one of the best chefs in Martinique), you will learn to cook a crispy chocolate brick, then a Caribbean bass fish with chocolate sauce and finally a chocolate cake. Participation in this session All Chocolate costs 55 euros per person. Seats are limited, so you must book in advance by calling 0696 541 156.

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All Chocolate cooking lesson
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Practical information

The cooking lesson “All Chocolate” of Atelier Médélices costs 55 euros per person. It will take place on May 16th, 2015 (at 10am), in Le Brédas restaurant – located on Eugène Maillard street in Saint-Joseph city.