During your stay in Martinique, you can visit places that are "out of the ordinary", like mangroves for example. Rent a car and head for Genipa where you can kayak to discover the mangroves. ...

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Cap 110

In the town of Diamant, facing the sea, fifteen white silhouettes stand. This is Cap 110, a memorial of slavery. Rent a car during your stay in Martinique and discover this symbolic piece. ...

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Grand macabou

You will find this long, almost wild, beach in the south-east of Martinique. Think of renting a car to get to Grand Macabou and easily visit the whole island. Located in Vauclin, the ...

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Beach pointe faula

Pointe Faula is one of the most known beaches of Martinique, thanks to its characteristics which make it the perfect place to practice kitesurfing. Discover the details of the Pointe Faula and where ...

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The punch planteur

If you come to Martinique, you have to taste the local rum, considered one of the best in the world (if not THE best). You will have the choice between various ways to drink it: ti-punch, coco punch, ...

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Cap chevalier

In the south-east of Martinique, in Sainte-Anne, you will find one of the most beautiful beaches of Martinique: the beach of Anse Michel, also known as "Cap Chevalier". Consider renting ...

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Cap macré beach

If you go to Martinique and want to avoid the touristy spots, then the beach of Cap Macré is perfect for you. Discover this serene beach and think of renting a car to get there. Martinique ...

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Anse caritan beach

In Sainte-Anne, in the South of Martinique, you will find the beach of Anse Caritan. Discover the specificities of this beach and where to rent a car to go there easily. Martinique counts ...

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Ecomusée de martinique

During your stay in Martinique, if you want to learn more about the history of the island, then you should go to the Ecomusée de Martinique. Discover more details about the place and where ...

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Dominoes is a convivial and very popular game in Martinique. Locals of all ages play this game regularly for any occasion : on weekends at the beach, at home on the veranda or at local snack-bars. Rent ...

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Martinican christmas ham

Unlike in continental France, people in Martinique don't usually eat turkey or capon for Christmas. Instead, locals prefer to have what they call "jambon de Noël" (Christmas ham). ...

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Château dubuc

The Château Dubuc is located on the Caravelle peninsula in Trinité. The ruins of this old habitation are the third most visited historical landmark in Martinique. Rent a car and discover ...

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The cyparis cell

In downtown Saint-Pierre, among old ruins, lies the only cell of the city jail that has been spared from the eruption of Mount-Pelée in 1902. This disaster destroyed the whole city and killed ...

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Baignoire de joséphine

The Baignoire de Joséphine is a fond-blanc located about 2km off the coast of Le François town in Martinique. It is one of the most paradise-like places in Martinique, popular among ...

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Fort-de-france covered market

If you want to have an authentic experience in Martinique, you have to go to at least one marketplace. The covered Fort-de-France market, also called Grand Marché, is the most important market ...

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Martinique chicken coconut curry

Traditional Martinique dishes count many chicken based recipes. Chicken coconut curry is one of the island’s most emblematic dishes. Discover this recipe and consider renting a car to enjoy ...

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The beach of anse noire

Little known to tourists, Anse Noire is, as the name suggests, a black sand beach. This rather small cove is one of those places in Martinique that are both ‘secret’ and heavenly. Rent ...

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The domaine d’emeraude

Martinique boasts in its large biodiversity. To discover it, you can travel the island all day long or you can go to the Domaine D’Emeraude, nature’s temple. Rent a car and go discover ...

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The savannah of petrifications

In the town of Sainte-Anne, south of Martinique, is the Savannah of Petrifications. This is a strange desert space, with a very special charm. Rent a car and discover it for yourself. Martinique ...

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The ti-punch

Impossible not to mention the ti-punch when speaking about Martinique. Discover this cocktail, how it is drank on the island and where to rent a car to go to enjoy it on the beach. Since ...

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Mount pelee

Mount Pelee is the dormant volcano of Martinique – a volcano that can be discovered through four hiking trails. Find out what there is to know about them and where to rent a car to get there. ...

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Creole boudin

Martinique is known for the beauty of its landscapes but also for its gastronomy. Among the most popular dishes from Martinique, it is, for example, impossible to forget Creole boudin. Discover the ...

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The beach of anse du diamant

Located in the south of Martinique, Anse du Diamant is without a doubt on the list of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Consider renting a car to get there. Measuring 3 kilometers long, ...

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Banana museum

In the north-east of Martinique, in the town of Sainte-Marie, is the Banana Museum. Rent a car and discover this banana farm turned into a park and an educational museum. The Banana Museum ...

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The beach of anse mitan

On the west coast of Martinique, in the town of Trois-Ilets, lies the beach of Anse Mitan, one of the most popular on the island. Discover this beautiful sandy beach, and where to rent a car to get ...

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Depaz distillery

North of the island, in the city of Saint-Pierre, is one of the finest distilleries in Martinique: The Depaz Distillery. Rent a car to go visit and discover this area. In Martinique, ...

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Caravelle peninsula

Northeast of Martinique, lies the Caravelle Peninsula, considered one of the most beautiful, natural sites on the island. Rent a car to explore this exotic place. Caravelle Peninsula ...

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Gorges de la falaise

In the north of Martinique, in a town called Ajoupa-Bouillon, the « Gorges de la Falaise » are a spectacular natural site. Rent a car and go on this sporty walk, deep in the ...

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Anse du carbet

Martinique has numerous beaches, all different from each other. Covered with grey sand (almost black), Anse du Carbet has this charm, emphasized by the presence of fishing boats. In the ...

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Diamond rock

In the southwest of Martinique, facing the town of Diamant (« diamond » in french), stands a « gem » of the same name: Diamond Rock ( Rocher du Diamant ...

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Jardin de balata

The Jardin de Batala is located about 10 kilometers from Fort-de-France. One of a kind, poetic and peaceful, this botanical garden is certainly one of the first spot to visit on the island. Find ...

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