The show Des Rêves dans le Sable

As the holiday season approaches, we want to go out with the children and create some magical moments. We want to go and discover new original art: the illustration of history in sand. Rent a car in Martinique and reserve your spot for the show, Rêves dans le Sable, by the Sable d’Avril company.

Magical shows are not lacking during the holiday season, but if you have to remember only one, to do with children, it is the show, Rêves dans le Sable, by the Sable d’Avril company.

Scheduled for the 20th and 21st of December 2016 at 6pm, at the Aimé Césaire room of the Atrium (in Fort-de-France), this show tells stories through illustrations made in the sand, live. Children love this show, and adults also let themselves be taken away by the beauty of this narrative art.

Discover an example of Sable d’Avril’s creations by clicking on the video below. And remember to reserve your seat. It is 25 euros for adults and 8 euros for childen (under 12 years).

A little advice from RentaCar Martinique : rent a city car to go to the Rêves dans le Sable show in Fort-de-France.

Rent a car to go to see the show Rêves dans le sable
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Practical information

The Rêves dans le Sable show by Sable d’Avril will be at the Atrium in Fort-de-France on December 20 and 21, starting at 6pm. To get there easily, and to visit Martinique, there is nothing better than to rent a car, at the airport of Martinique for example.