The Savannah of Petrifications

In the town of Sainte-Anne, south of Martinique, is the Savannah of Petrifications. This is a strange desert space, with a very special charm. Rent a car and discover it for yourself.

Martinique has landscapes as varied as sublime. While the north is dominated by Mount Pelee (the island’s volcano), the south is known for its sandy beaches. Yet, the south is not just beaches. There is also the Savannah of Petrifications, a kind of small desert facing the sea.

Accessible by hiking (from Anse à Prunes), the Savannah of Petrifications impresses with its rocky environment contrasting with the lush vegetation of Martinique, but also by the contrast of colors and the view of the rough sea. The bridge over the river L’Etang des Salines marks the entrance of this “savannah”.

A little advice from RentaCar Martinique : rent a SUV to go to Anse à Prunes where starts the path that leads to the Savannah of Petrifications.

Savannah of Petrifications
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Practical information

The Savannah of Petrifications is located in the south of Martinique. This little desert is easily accessible by car and then by a hiking trail.