Banana Museum

In the north-east of Martinique, in the town of Sainte-Marie, is the Banana Museum. Rent a car and discover this banana farm turned into a park and an educational museum.

The Banana Museum is one of those museums that make you see the heart of the culture and history of Martinique. The museum – which is also a park and a banana farm that is still in business – is located in a traditional Martinican house (called "habitation").

People come here to learn more about this fruit, its multiple varieties, the history and the techniques of its cultivation, and its consumption in Martinique.

The Banana Museum also includes a park – where visitors wander through banana plants – as well as a bar and a shop where you can taste and buy all kinds of products made from bananas. Tours and tastings are organized on site daily.

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Banana Museum
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Practical informations

The Banana Museum is at Habitation Limbé, in the Fourniols area, in the town of Sainte-Marie. The museum is open every day, from 9am to 4:30pm. Entrance fee cost 6€ per adult and 4€ per kid.