Beach Pointe Faula

Pointe Faula is one of the most known beaches of Martinique, thanks to its characteristics which make it the perfect place to practice kitesurfing. Discover the details of the Pointe Faula and where to rent a car to get there.

If you practice kitesurfing, or if you wish to try it, then there is no better place in Martinique than Pointe Faula. Situated in the South of Vauclin, this beach doesn't have a big area of sand but it is know for its shallow, quiet and crystal clear water. The beach is also downwind, which makes the place to practice kitesurfing and others windsurfing.

However, Pointe Faula is not reserved for the kitesurfers. The shallow, clear and quiet water of the beach also makes it a paradise for idleness. People go there with friends to sit down in the water, a cocktail in the hand. And you can even hang a hammock between two coconut palms, to take a nap at the water's edge.

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Practical information

Located east of Martinique, in Vauclin city, Point Faula is a beach known for its turquoise blue water and for its location downwind, convenient to practice kitesurfing. To go to this beach unlike the others, consider renting a car.