Mount Pelee

Mount Pelee is the dormant volcano of Martinique – a volcano that can be discovered through four hiking trails. Find out what there is to know about them and where to rent a car to get there.

North of Martinique is Mount Pelee, a dormant volcano since 1932. 1,397 meters high, this mountain would be (according to scientific estimates) 300,000 years old. It is known for its eruption in 1902 that devastated the north of the island and remains an example and a case of study in volcanology.

Mount Pelee is visible from almost anywhere in the island but it can also be climbed. To discover its fauna and flora, and to admire the view from the heights, it is possible to go trekking. Four marked trails have been built but it is recommended to be in good physical condition to go through them. These can indeed be slippery or deceitful in some places.

The trail No. 19 has its starting point at Grande Savane (in the town of Prêcheur). It is 1.5km long (with 470m elevation) and it takes 2 hours of walking round-trip. The trail No. 21 starts at Beauséjour (in Grand-Rivière). It is 7.6km long (with 1170m elevation) and it is a 4h30 walk. The trail No. 22 starts at Desiles (in Macouba). It is 8km long (with 1220m elevation), it is a 4h30 walk. The trail No. 23 starts at the Aileron parking lot (in Ajoupa Bouillon). It is 4.7km long (with 600m elevation) and it is a 4h walk round-trip.

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Mount Pelee in Martinique
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Practical information

The Mount Pelee has four hiking paths, starting at Grand-Rivière city, at Macouba city, at Ajoupa Bouillon city or at Prêcheur city. To go there, consider renting a car.