During your stay in Martinique, you can visit places that are "out of the ordinary", like mangroves for example. Rent a car and head for Genipa where you can kayak to discover the mangroves.

In terms of landscapes, Martinique is known for its beautiful beaches, its seabed, its flora and its volcano (Mount Pelée). However, this is not all that the island has to offer. In Martinique, there are also some more unique places, such as the Savane of Petrifications or the mangroves. The mangroves of Martinique are accessible by boat or by kayak.

Several companies offer excursions in one of these "forests" between sea and rivers. You will discover the mysterious atmosphere of the mangroves, as well as the amazing flora and fauna. In no time, you will find yourselves in the midst of mangroves, in a tropical environment where only a few rays of sunshine illuminate the clayey water.

A little advice from RentaCar Martinique : rent a cheap car to Genipa, from where you can go on a boat or kayak trip into the mangroves of Martinique.

Rent a car in Martinique to go to see the mangroves
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Practical information

Excursions are regularly organized into the amazing mangroves of Martinique. To join one of the tours, by boat or kayak, you will have to go to Genipa. For that reason - and also to fully enjoy your stay in Martinique - consider renting a car.