Jardin de Balata

The Jardin de Batala is located about 10 kilometers from Fort-de-France. One of a kind, poetic and peaceful, this botanical garden is certainly one of the first spot to visit on the island. Find out where to rent a car in Martinique to go to this lush garden.

To discover the wonderful tropical flora of Martinique you can drive a car across country and/or go hiking. But if you really want to appreciate and learn more about the trees and flowers spread across the island, there is no better way than losing your path in Jardin de Batala. Begun in 1982 by horticulturist Jean-Philippe Thoze, the garden opened to the public in 1986 and is now one of the must-see spots of the island.

After a visit to La maison créole, which is the reception, you enter a lush and poetic universe, where the outstanding arrangment begins with a long row of palm trees. Then you lay eyes on a colorful cocktail made out of hibiscus, heliconias, porcelain roses, wild orchids and many other plants from around the world. A course in the trees (on giant mahoganies suspension bridges) makes a visit to the Jardin de Balata even more memorable.

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Jardin de Balata
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Practical informations

Situated near the Route de la Trace, about 10 km in the north of Fort-de-France on the Route de Balata, the Jardin de Balata can easily be reached by car.