Grand Macabou

You will find this long, almost wild, beach in the south-east of Martinique. Think of renting a car to get to Grand Macabou and easily visit the whole island.

Located in Vauclin, the Grand Macabou is not a favorite of tourists or even locals. And for good reason, this large expanse of white sand is hard to get to. Far away from any housing, the beach of Grand Macabou is accessible only through a small path. To enjoy the beauty and peace of the Grand Macabou, you must park your car by the road and walk a few minutes through the island’s tropical nature.

A picnic at the Grand Macabou

Once you have arrived at the beach, you will find nothing but sand, sea and some picnic tables scattered about. Don’t forget your picnic basket, as well as your masks and snorkels to admire the underwater fauna of the Grand Macabou.

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Practical information

The Grand Macabou beach is located at the Vauclin. To get there, follow N6 road (connecting Vauclin to Marin), then take Mallevaut road. At the end, you will find the path leading to the Grand Macabou, park and walk a few minutes to the beach.