Gorges de la Falaise

In the north of Martinique, in a town called Ajoupa-Bouillon, the « Gorges de la Falaise » are a spectacular natural site. Rent a car and go on this sporty walk, deep in the forest, to the waterfalls.

In the middle of a triangle formed by the towns of Morne Rouge, Lorrain and Basse-Pointe, lies the small town of Ajoupa-Bouillon. It is there, in the lush rainforest, that you can find the « Gorges de la Falaise »: a hikers spot, embedded between two cliffs, leading to a natural pool filled by beautiful waterfalls.

After paying a 7 euros fee per adult (4 euros per child) which gives access to the site and a tour guide, visitors go down high stairs then start a walk that can be dangerous if they are not experienced, well equipped and/or careful. They will stride across the river and climb rocks to finally get to the waterfalls and the natural pool.

To fully enjoy this « sporty walk », it is advised to wear suitable clothes for hiking (short, backpack, and sneakers), and also things to swim under the waterfalls (swimsuit, towel and something to protect electronic devices from water).

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Gorges de la Falaise
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Practical informations

The « Gorges de la Falaise » are accessible by car from the town of Ajoupa-Bouillon, on the road to Saint-Pierre city. The site is open every day from 8am to 5pm. Nevertheless, it is better to call before going because the site is closed occasionally, because of heavy rains for example.