Martinican Christmas Ham

Unlike in continental France, people in Martinique don't usually eat turkey or capon for Christmas. Instead, locals prefer to have what they call "jambon de Noël" (Christmas ham). Rent a car to go to a restaurant in Martinique to have a traditional Christmas dinner!

Every family in France has its own traditions and Christmas menu. However, some dishes are typical of a French Christmas : capon, roasted turkey with chestnuts and lobster for instance. But in Martinique, the traditional Christmas dish has to include a Caribbean  dish : Christmas ham. Christmas ham is the most important Christmas dish in Martinique but it will also be served on other occasions (weddings, traditional celebrations etc).

A typical Christmas ham is a 3kg smoked and caramelized ham roasted in the oven with spices. There are several recipes that include different spices but the main ingredients stay the same : canne sugar, onions, garlic, chives, cloves, salt, pepper, chilies and caramelized pineapple slices. Some will add cinnamon, anis seeds, parsley, pineapple syrup, orange peel or even schrubb!

The Christmas Ham takes a long time to cook but many restaurants will have it on their menu, so you should have no trouble finding it during your stay in Martinique.

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Practical information

Christmas ham is the emblematic celebration dish in Martinique. Rent a car to find a restaurant where you can have some traditional Christmas ham.

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