The Ti-Punch

Impossible not to mention the ti-punch when speaking about Martinique. Discover this cocktail, how it is drank on the island and where to rent a car to go to enjoy it on the beach.

Since the beginning of its colonization, Martinique is a very important place in rum production. No wonder that Martinican gastronomy has several cocktails based on this alcohol. The most famous among those cocktails is undoubtedly the “ti-punch”.

Once prepared with tea and cinnamon, ti-punch today is a far more minimalist cocktail. It consists of three quarters of white rum, one quarter of cane sugar syrup, and about half a lime. The recipe is simple but a real ti-punch must be prepared slowly and there are certain “rules” to obey. For example, the lime should not be crushed but pressed instead and then dropped into the glass. The rum shall be poured last, after the cane syrup (or the sugar) and the lime are well mixed. Finally, to follow the tradition, you should stir your ti-punch with a “bois-lélé” which is nothing other than a small propeller shaped stick.

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Ti-punch cocktail
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Practical information

The ti-punch is the most traditional cocktail of Martinique. To go to drink some (in moderation), on the beaches of the island, consider renting a car. But don't forget : the one who drives is the one who doesn't drink.