Creole Boudin

Martinique is known for the beauty of its landscapes but also for its gastronomy. Among the most popular dishes from Martinique, it is, for example, impossible to forget Creole boudin. Discover the different popular recipes in Martinique and rent a car to go to enjoy one on the beach.

Among the best traditional dishes from Martinique, boudin stands in a good place. As an aperitif, entrée, snack on the beach, at the pool or on the river, Creole boudin is eaten throughout the year and for any occasion.

Boudin noir (black boudin), with pork blood and spices, is the best known of Creole boudin. But it is not the only one. Martinican gastronomy has several boudin recipes. Cod boudin and lambis boudin (a sea snail) –also called boudin blanc (white boudin) – are also very popular on the island. We eat them alone, or with bread, salad, fritters and why not, while sipping a planter.

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Creole boudin
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Practical information

The creole boudin can be black boudin (porc boudin) but it can also be white boudin (with fish or shellfish). You will find some in restaurants and shops everywhere in Martinique.