Diamond Rock

In the southwest of Martinique, facing the town of Diamant (« diamond » in french), stands a « gem » of the same name: Diamond Rock (Rocher du Diamant). Because of the landscape it offers but also because of its historical importance, this tiny uninhabited island is to be discovered. To do this, it will be easier to rent a car.

Martinique is surrounded by a multitude of small islands. Diamond Rock is a very peculiar one. Indeed, this “big rock” (whose highest peak is only 175 meters and seems to be put down on water) not only has an unconventional silhouette but also an exciting story.

In early nineteenth century, whilst France and England are at war, the Diamond Rock is a strategic point. A hundred British soldiers (armed with 5 cannons) occupied the small island for 17 months from January 1804, before capitulating in front of one of the ships of the Napoleonic fleet.

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The Diamond Rock
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Practical informations

Located near the coast of Martinique, the Diamond Rock is visible from the south of the D37 road. To go sightseeing, rent a car in one of our agencies.