Dominoes is a convivial and very popular game in Martinique. Locals of all ages play this game regularly for any occasion : on weekends at the beach, at home on the veranda or at local snack-bars. Rent a car and find a local snack-bar to observe or join a game of dominoes.

Dominoes is certainly the most emblematic game of Martinique. Originally played by the nobles during the colonial period, the game became popular in Martinique's snack-bars where people would play for money while drinking small glasses of white rhum. Unfortunately, men would often engage in bets, squander their wages and, if they lost, come home pennyless... Today, most people stopped playing dominoes for money and would rather enjoy a good game with friends and family, all the while sipping on a ti-punch. Dominoes is a fun game filled with laughs and bluff which perfectly conveys Martinique people's playfullness.

Dominoes is usually played with 3 people and 3 or 7 dominoes each. The rules are similar to the original game but instead of calmly laying a domino on the table when it's their turn, players will hit it on the table to make a lot of noise in order to impress the others. It's a very communicative game and with each strike goes a different phrase or expression in Creole. A player can sometimes say little jokes to provoke his rivals. The first to play is the player who holds the highest double, followed by the winner of the previous game.

Don't miss the chance to play dominoes, the most popular game in Martinique, at a local snack-bar or restaurant.

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Practical information

The game of dominoes is one of the most traditional and authentic games in Martinique. On the beach, in restaurants, in bars or at home : you will see them everywhere! Rent a car to visit the island and find a place to play dominoes with the locals.