Château Dubuc

The Château Dubuc is located on the Caravelle peninsula in Trinité. The ruins of this old habitation are the third most visited historical landmark in Martinique. Rent a car and discover this isolated part of the island and the mysterious story of the Château Dubuc.

It all started in 1657 when Pierre Du Buc left France and settled in Martinique to escape the King's musqueteers. There, he acquired the lands of Trinité and Tartane and started to grow tobacco, coffee and sugar canne and soon became one of the most important growers and land-owners of Martinique. In the beginning of the 18th century, his grandson, Louis du Buc du Galien, initiated the construction of buildings that will later be named the Château Dubuc. Throughout the centuries, the habitation was regularly hit by cyclones and finally got deserted after the British plundered the place in 1794. It is only in 1974, almost two centuries later, that the Parc Naturel Régional de Martinique (Martinique Regional Natural Park Office) took over the property and gave it a second life. In 1992, the Château Dubuc eventually saw its name on the list of historical landmarks.

The Château Dubuc is not only a historical landmark with a gorgeous view on the Baie du Trésor, but there are many rumours about it that feed the mystery of its history. Some people say that pirates used to hide there and engage in illegal activities such as smuggling of goods or even slaves...

Today, the Château Dubuc has its own museum that traces the history of the property and displays an interesting collection of ancient objects. The Château, its museum and the the park are open to visitors everyday from 9am till 4.30pm (4€/person for adults, 2€/person for children). Rent a car to drive to the Caravelle Peninsula and visit the Château Dubuc to learn more about its fascinating history.

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Practical information

The Château Dubuc, its park and museum are located on the Caravelle peninsula on the East coast of Martinique and is open to visitors everyday from 9am till 4.30pm. The entrance ticket is 4€ per person for adults and 2€ per person for children. Rent a car to conveniently reach the Château Dubuc.