Caravelle Peninsula

Northeast of Martinique, lies the Caravelle Peninsula, considered one of the most beautiful, natural sites on the island. Rent a car to explore this exotic place.

Caravelle Peninsula is a small piece of land (about 12km long) advancing into the Atlantic Ocean, but also and above all, a National Nature Reserve. Located in the northeast of Martinique, facing the village of Trinité (between the towns of Sainte-Marie and Le Robert), the peninsula is considered one of the most beautiful places in Martinique.

There, you will find several beautiful beaches (the most popular one is Anse L’Etang), Dubuc Castle ruins (a colonial house from the seventeenth century), a forest and a mangrove that can be discovered via two marked hiking paths.

The short path (white and yellow) is an hour and a half walk among the flora of the peninsula –ideal for children. The long path (white and blue) lasts three and a half hours and is full of impressive wild life. It reveals Pointe Caracoli, La Baie du Trésor (Treasury Bay), cliffs and a lighthouse.

A little advice from RentaCar Martinique : rent a SUV to go to the Caravelle Peninsula.

Caravelle Peninsula
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Practical informations

Facing the town of Trinité, the Caravelle Peninsula is accessible by the road N1 or the road N4, and then by the road D2.