Cap Macré beach

If you go to Martinique and want to avoid the touristy spots, then the beach of Cap Macré is perfect for you. Discover this serene beach and think of renting a car to get there.

Martinique has many beaches, and most of them are very popular. L'Anse Caritan, Pointe Faula, or Pointe Marin Beaches are crowded every day by tourists and locals. If you want to have a quieter time, you will have to go to one of the few unknown Martinican beaches, such as Cape Macré. This beach, also called Anse Baleine, is located to the east side of the island, at Marin.

The Cape Macré is not less popular because its landscape isn’t beautiful or because the water there isn’t good. It's simply because the beach is not so easy to get to. You will have to rent a good car, an SUV for example, and then take it off-road to Grand Macabou. There you have to park and walk the rest of the way. But the effort will be worth it: you will discover a superb white sand beach, facing a coral reef.

A little advice from RentaCar Martinique : rent a SUV to get to the beach of Cap Macré.

Rent a car to go to Cap Macré beach
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Practical information

Cape Macré is a beach of the Marin, also called Anse Baleine. To get to this postcard beach, it is advisable to rent an SUV at the airport of Martinique, for example.