Cap 110

In the town of Diamant, facing the sea, fifteen white silhouettes stand. This is Cap 110, a memorial of slavery. Rent a car during your stay in Martinique and discover this symbolic piece.

During your trip to Martinique, you can learn more about the painful era of slavery in various museums on the island. And you will also come across works in public spaces that pay tribute to the victims of slavery. At Diamant, do not miss Cape 110 - a memorial of slavery facing the sea, on the D37 road.

Erected in 1998 (for the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery), Cap 110 is a work of art by Laurent Valère. It consists of 15 imposing white statues of men standing with their heads bend over. These statutes, representing African slaves, point not only to the ocean but also to Africa.

A little advice from RentaCar Martinique : rent an automatic car to go and admire the poignant work that is Cap 110.

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Practical information

Cap 110 is a memorial of slavery, located at Diamant in Martinique. To get there, it is necessary to be driving. To visit this site, as well as many others, it is therefore recommended to rent a car. You will always find the right vehicle at Renta Car Martinique.