The beach of Anse Noire

Little known to tourists, Anse Noire is, as the name suggests, a black sand beach. This rather small cove is one of those places in Martinique that are both ‘secret’ and heavenly. Rent a car and go discover the beauty of Anse Noire and and bring your snorkeling gear to explore its seafloors.

In the southwestern part of the island, near l’Anse Dufour on the municipality of Anses-d’Arlet, is located Anse Noire : a small preserved cove with just one pontoon and one hotel. You have to go down 137 steps to finally reach the crystal clear waters and wonderful seafloor. Anse Noire isn’t only a beautiful beach, it is also unique : it is the only black sand beach in southern Martinique.

Anse Noire is a heavenly place, especially on weekdays when peace and quiet prevail. When you plan to go there, don’t forget to bring snorkeling gear to go explore the seabed at the bottom of the cliffs. There, you will be able to admire the unparalleled beauty of Anse Noire marine life and you might even catch sight of sea turtles!

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The beach of Anse Noire
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Practical information

The Anse Noire beach is accessible by road. You can take road D7, then go down the Anse Dufour country lane and once you arrive where you face the ocean, you will find Anse Dufour on your left and the stairs leading to Anse Noire on your right. To go there, consider renting a car.