Anse du Carbet

Martinique has numerous beaches, all different from each other. Covered with grey sand (almost black), Anse du Carbet has this charm, emphasized by the presence of fishing boats.

In the northwest of Martinique, just in the south of Saint-Pierre city, Carbet is a small town full of charm where you will find Anse du Carbet : a beach, different from any other.

With few visitors except the locals, this small beach has the singularity of being covered with dark grey sand –a color that comes from the erosion of the volcanic rocks of Mount Pelée (not too far away). Some coconut trees, a large pier and numerous fishing boats contribute to the typical beauty of the place.

However, Anse du Carbet is not just a simple expanse of dark sand. It had a huge importance in the history of the island. Indeed, this beach would be where Christopher Columbus moored his ship in 1502, before the beginning of the French colonization in 1635, still on the same shore of Anse du Carbet.

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Anse du Carbet
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Practical informations

Anse du Carbet is one of the numerous places to visit in the north of Martinique. To travel around the island, think of renting a car.