The car rental conditions in Martinique

To visit Martinique, there is nothing better than renting a car. And it's not complicated to rent a car in Martinique, because you will find Renta Car Martinique agencies in every corner of the island. It will however be necessary that you satisfy some conditions before renting your vehicle. Discover these rental conditions.

Martinique is a French overseas department. The laws and the rules in Martinique are thus the same than in metropolitan France. This is also true for the car rental. Indeed, to rent a car in Martinique, you will have to satisfy some conditions.

The first of these conditions is obviously to possess a valid driving licence, and corresponding to the vehicle you wish to rent. It is also necessary to have possessed this driving licence for 12 months, at least. The other important condition to fill before renting a car in Martinique is to be 21 years old, or more. If the driver is less than 23 years old, the rent of the car will have to include a youth insurance.

To rent your car, you will have to present a proof of address of less than three months (an electricity bill, an appartment lease, a phone invoice or a certificate of Social-security, for example). The day when you will go pick up your rental car, you will also have to make a deposit by credit card (CB, VISA, EUROCARD, AMEX). The credit card which you will use will have to be under your name and first name.

A little advice from RentaCar Martinique : make sure that you fit all these rental conditions and book your rental car directly on the website of Renta Car Martinique.

Learn about the car rental conditions in Martinique
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Practical information

To rent a car in Martinique, you need to have a valid driving licence (for a year, at least), you have to be 21 years old or more, you must possess a credit card (under your name) and you must be able to provide a proof of address. If you fill all theses rental conditions, go directly on the home page of the Renta Car Martinique website and book the car that you want.